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Why Successful REALTORS® Choose RE/MAX River City

REALTOR® Testimonials

Proud to say I belong to RE/MAX River City

I originally came to this office because the Owners and Management made me feel welcome. After over 10 years in this office, I still feel the same way. I am proud to say I belong to RE/MAX River City, the Broker is very proactive, the staff are the best period, and the agents are of the highest quality.

Ryan Dutka - Testimonial
Ryan Dutka
REALTOR® since 1998

We interviewed five different brokers from five different RE/MAX offices

Before we chose RE/MAX River City, we actually interviewed five different brokers from five different RE/MAX offices and none had the same personality, none had the same location, efficiency with the conveyancing team and administration. These are the reasons we chose RE/MAX River City and that is the reason that other agents should choose them as well.

Brent MacIntosh
REALTOR® since 1998

Surround yourself with the best to be the best

I know you’re influenced by the company you keep, so I wanted to keep company with top-producing agents. I wanted to learn from the best. Plus, the RE/MAX mindset rewards people who innovate and share great ideas. And that’s what I’m all about.

Taylor Hack
REALTOR® since 2013

I came back to RE/MAX River City…

I came back to RE/MAX River City because I wanted to work with a brokerage that was properly run with a professional and knowledgeable team. There is something to be said about experience, not only as an agent, but as a broker. I want to offer my clients the best and to do this I need the best beside me.

Nichola Ryhanen - Testimonial
Nichola Elise Ryhanen
REALTOR® since 2007

It is like having an extended family

I joined RE/MAX River City because of the positive energy in the office. The REALTORS® in this office are always ready to assist someone new in the business. It is like having an extended family. The supportive environment and positive energy from everybody is what sold me to this office 8 years ago. I still love it!!!

Loida Lumanlan - Testimonial
Loida Lumanlan
REALTOR® since 2000

…not all brokerages are alike

I came to this office from another RE/MAX brokerage because not all brokerages are alike. River City offers one-on-one mentorship and industry-leading training, but even more important to me was (and is) the culture: one of agent-to-agent support and encouragement, continual growth, and exceptional generosity in our community.

Juli Wenger
REALTOR® since 2011

Support staff live up to their name… Support

The Brokerage provides it’s Associates with self improvement sessions on topics that are very relevant to growing our businesses and becoming more professional REALTOR®. The atmosphere in the office is extremely positive and the support staff live up to their name…..support. I’ve worked as a REALTOR® in another Brokerage, so I have seen the difference between a Brokerage that helps their REALTORS® and a Brokerage that does not.

Toni Betty - Testimonial
Toni Betty
REALTOR® since 2002

Large contingent of Top Producers

This is a dynamic office, with a large contingent of Top Producers. There are always mentors available to assist new REALTORS®, a monthly Sales Meeting to keep everyone informed of the latest happenings in the real estate world, as well as within our own Brokerage, and focus groups for training which everyone is invited to participate in. This Brokerage plays an integral part in the Real Estate Community and we are proud to be a part of such a unique and growing office.

Rosanna Fischer
REALTOR® since 2001

Good positive atmosphere

An award winning office, mixed with a lot of good people willing to help out as a new agent, and a good positive atmosphere overall.That’s what gave me the great start that I had.

Jeff Golka - Testimonial
Jeff Golka
REALTOR® since 2003

#1 office in Edmonton

Being client sensitive, I wanted to be associated with an international company with top REALTORS® nationwide to recommend looking after my clients that are relocating. RE/MAX was the only choice. Interviewing other offices within Edmonton, I quickly knew that this office offers many advantages. Central location with plenty of parking for clients, continual up to date training/industry updates, great support staff and colleagues who are serious about our business and willing to share success ideas within the office. It was a good choice! It is no wonder that we, at RE/MAX River City, have been the #1 office in Edmonton. I’m glad to be associated with River City.

Carolyn Knispel - Testimonial
Carolyn Knispel
REALTOR® since 2004

Strives to help others

The Broker is a detail-oriented manager who strives to help others be successful. He is always available to assist, educate, and encourage. Our continued growth and achievements are evidence of his unparalled success as a broker. He is, without a doubt, the best in his field.

Lori Hunt - Testimonial
Lori Hunt
REALTOR® since 2007

We are also a family…made friends around the world

RE/MAX REALTORS® are competitive but we are also a family. Through attendance at conventions I have improved my skills, surpassed my goals and made friends around the world. We all know there are some great agents in every real estate company, the difference at RE/MAX is simply that there are a higher percentage of great agents there. You can only get better at what you do if you surround yourself with the best ideas and the most capable REALTORS® – your colleagues at RE/MAX will challenge you to succeed & strive to be better.

Rhonda Navratil
REALTOR® since 2002
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