REALTORS® – How To Get Started With Video

REALTORS® – How to get started using video

  1. Find a video buddy and practice
  2. Keep it simple – use your smartphone, a tripod and lavier mic for good sound.
  3. Talk about things other than real estate – Find the top 5 types of video REALTORS® should be doing here.
  4. Hire a professional for your about you, testimonials and listing videos

The biggest fear for most is they don’t like what they look like on camera or are worried they will screw up. Well, guess what? That’s what you look like and sound like when you’re talking to clients, you just haven’t seen it yourself! Accept who you are and what you bring to the table for clients and just get doing video. Video is one of the biggest trends in the real estate industry right now and will only continue to be a factor in those who are succeeding and those who aren’t. You can edit and fix video as much as you need and take as many takes as you like. It’s great fun and highly effective once you get started. The key is starting!

The $100 Mobile Video Gear You Need

  1. Tripod – AMAZON.ca LINK 
  2. Smartphone mount – AMAZON.ca LINK
  3. Lav mic:

Bonus: Selfie Light – AMAZON.ca LINK


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