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Transaction Coordinator

Your for hire REALTOR® Assistant

Let’s be honest. You got into this business because you like meeting new clients and selling properties, right?

Have you found certain tasks time-consuming and tedious? Do you wish you could free up some time to focus on what really matters ie. Getting more clients through your doors and closing deals? Or maybe your assistant is away on vacation?

Now you can let the Transaction Coordinator handle the scheduling and administrative work involved in your active real estate transactions. Just fill out what you need for each listing or deal and get back to selling!

We offer an in-house for hire assistant for our REALTORS® and their clients. Some of the tasks provided include:

  • New Listing Package
  • Closing Package
  • Miscellaneous Tasks ($20/hour)

We also have online contractors we can liaison with for you to offer the following services at $25/hour:

  • Video editing
  • BLOG or article writing
  • Biography writing

Katrina Stratichuk – Transaction Coordinator

Fun fact: Never misses a wing Wednesday at Boston Pizza. Thai Chilly are my fav!

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