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What You Invest

Brokerage fees are an investment

Like everything else in your business, brokerage fees are an investment. If you get a great return on investment, the fees are worth it. If you get little value, even a discount office can be too expensive.

Brokerages have hidden their fees for too long. At RE/MAX River City our fees are transparent, and we’ll help you determine if our culture is the right fit for you and joining is a good investment in your personal growth and the growth of your business.

If your brokerage can’t tell you in one sentence or less how much you’ll pay, they’re hiding something.

Our fees are transparent and an investment in your business. We’re happy to provide a direct comparison to other options so you can determine if this investment is worthwhile for you. For most, after a year, their net income is significantly higher.

Our average commission per REALTOR® in 2017 was $146,760

(not including licensed assistants or those on leave)

The most expensive thing in this business is lost opportunity!

Monthly dues we collect and remit on your behalf

The first two are the same for all RE/MAX offices in Edmonton.

  • REMAX continuing franchise fee: $135.00

  • REMAX group advertising fee: $162.00

  • Social fund: $15.00

  • Total: $312.00

Fee Plans Available

Flat Rate Program

  •  that’s it!

Split Program

  • plus 20% on first $60k gross commissions annually

Deal Fee Program

  • plus $650/deal on first 15 deals annually

Annual Costs

  • REMAX Broker Services Fee: 2% on first $275,000

  • REMAX International: $410.00

  • General Liability Insurance ($5M coverage): $135.00 (compare at over $600/year if buy as an individual)

*Disclaimer – fees are subject to change. Are current at time of publishing.

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