How To Become A REALTOR® in Edmonton, AB.

Real estate can be rewarding business that can help you achieve your personal and professional goals. In Alberta, real estate professionals are called “Real Estate Associates” and are licenced by the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA).  REALTOR® is a registered trademark term owned by the Canadian Real Estate Association that applies to all those licensed with them in Canada.

The process can often be confusing, so let us quickly sum up the general process to a few main steps specific to Edmonton, Alberta (detailed explanations below):

  1. Meet the minimum requirements
  2. Complete the licencing course (online & self guided)
  3. Join a Brokerage
  4. Continue your practical training

This may seem like a quick and easy process, however this may take you several months to get to step three – all depending on how much time you have available to commit to the program. Let us go through the steps in more detail here for you.

If you have any questions, at any time, please do not hesitate to contact our leadership Team, Shane Parent, Robert Biddlecombe or John Carter at 780-439-7000 or email here. 

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Detailed Explanations Below

Step 1 – Meeting the Minimum Requirements

There are a few minimum requirements prior to completing the application that are required by RECA.

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Able to lawfully study and work in Canada
  • Able to provide specific government-issued identification (ID)
  • Canadian high school diploma or equivalent (post-college diploma or university degree)
  • Be proficient in English

Do you meet these requirements? First you will need to complete the “Introduction to a Career in Real Estate Information Session” before you are eligible to be enrolled in the Real Estate Associates Program (REAP).  The online information session is a pre-requisite and offered by Real Estate Council of Alberta, it is completely free of charge and can be taken online by clicking here.  Complete the questionnaire at the end then fill out your name and email address to receive your certificate of completion.

Submitting your Enrollment Application

Now you should be ready to enrol into the “Pre-Licensing Education Program”, which is also called the “Real Estate Associate Program (REAP)”.  Go to and follow the steps to CREATE an Account

There, you will also find the link to apply for eligibility. There is a non-refundable $100 fee.  If there is anything in your past you think may prevent you from becoming licensed (eg. Criminal record, bankruptcy, disciplinary history), you may request a suitability review – click here.

You will eventually require a Certified Criminal Record Check

A Certified Criminal Record Check (CCRC) is a certified fingerprint-based criminal record search for non-criminal purposes conducted by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in Ottawa, in which digital fingerprints are compared against the central repository of Canadian criminal records.  Please ensure you request a CCRC, not a vulnerable sector search. The CCRC must contain your complete legal name and date of birth as it reads on your birth certificate, citizenship card or permanent residency card.  RECA must receive your original CCRC directly from the RCMP in Ottawa. Complete a Third Party Waiver of Consent when you apply for your CCRC so the RCMP can send it directly to RECA.

Where can you get your finger prints taken? Click Here for a list of Accredited Fingerprint companies.

Your CCRC must be no older than 6 months at the time you submit an application for licensing. Therefore, it is essential that you time it so that it is done before you finish the course yet doesn’t expire before joining the Brokerage. Expect 3-4 weeks for completing and receipt of results by RECA – this estimate can fluctuate based on how busy the RCMP are.

Step 2 – Complete the Licensing Course (online & self-guided)

Once your eligibility has been determined, you will start your formal training. You have a maximum of 18 months to complete the education requirements from the date you enrol in the first course, Fundamentals of Real Estate. And only one year from completing the Real Estate Associates Program (REAP) to get licensed. Here are the courses you need to complete.

Course 1 – Fundamentals of Real Estate

This course gives you the foundational knowledge and skills that you will need for the Practice course(s). The course can be accessed through and cost $1250.  The course fee includes access to the online course, support from the help desk, two-course manuals and practice exams, one mid-term exam fee and one final exam fee. As the course is strictly online the exam must be taken at an exam centre (additional exam fees are due to the exam centres).

Course 2 – Choose an Area of Real Estate Practice

You must take at least one of these courses before getting licensed (you may choose all). We highly recommend completing the Practice in Residential Real Estate at a minimum. All courses can be accessed through and cost $800.  

      • Practice of Residential Real Estate
      • Practice of Commercial Real Estate
      • Practice of Rural Real Estate
      • Practice of Property Management

Step 3 – Join the Brokerage

You’ve almost made it! The Real Estate Act requires you to be licensed under a Brokerage. Joining the right Brokerage is key! You are encouraged to contact our Broker/Owners to get the ball rolling. As part of your membership with RE/MAX River City you are also required to maintain your license and professional memberships. Here are the regulatory and professional registrations that are required.

Summary of all costs

Who – What How much When
RECA – Eligibility application fee $   100Upon application
RECA – Fundamentals of real estate course, plus exam proctor fees $ 1,250 + 150Upon enrollment into the course + at exam 
RECA – Course – area of practice $   800 + 150Upon enrollment into each course + at each exam
RECA – Registration of license $   475Initial, then every year Oct 1st
REIX – Prof. liability insurance $   275Initial includes $100 Assurance fund levy (one time), then $175 every year Oct 1st
RAE/AREA/CREA – Initiation Fees $ 630Initial only 
RAE/AREA/CREA – Membership $ 2,071Initial, prorated based on below*
RAE – Keys To Success course  $   595Mandatory orientation course
RAE – keypad rental $   356Initial, lease for equipment. Prorated based on below*
TOTAL $   6,552

Breakdown of costs when you signup with the Brokerage

Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA)                                   $475
This covers the cost of your actual license. Regardless of when you get licensed, you are required to renew your license by October 1st every year.

Real Estate Insurance Exchange (REIX)                                 $275
REIX provides you with your professional liability insurance and is a mandatory requirement of RECA. This is paid every year when you also renew your RECA license. The premium varies every year.

REALTORS Association of Edmonton (RAE/EREB)
Alberta Real Estate Association (AREA)
Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA)
These organizations provide us with the many tools and services that you will depend on to conduct your business. This includes the Multiple Listing Service (MLS®), forms and contracts, key boxes, continuing education, professional standards, etc.

The initial membership is adjusted based on when in the year you join. You then pay dues annually every March 31st for the following 12 month period. 

2022 Rate Schedule (incl. GST) & the Services for Success Course:

January 1 – February 28                $989.63
March 1 – March 31                         $2,071.13
April 1 – June 30                             $1,719.38
July 1 – September 30                    $1,367.63
October 1 – December 31               $622.13  

PLUS Ekey Lease:
January 1 – February 28                $74.81
March 1 – March 31                         $374.06
April 1 – June 30                             $299.25
July 1 – September 30                    $224.44
October 1 – December 31               $149.63

Step 4 – Continue Your Practical Training

Only once you are licensed will you start to learn on how to do real estate. This is where you will experience the best that RE/MAX River City has to offer you. Our new and ongoing experienced real estate training programs will help ensure your success. As what we offer is as varied as it is numerous we recommend that you meet with our Broker to discuss which programs are best suited for you.

Mentorship Program

RE/MAX River City is proud to offer an exclusive mentorship program that caters to all agents.

The life long dedication to education in our industry is one of the pillars here at River City, and we believe the mentorship program is the ideal program for anyone looking to kick start their business, or who might be looking for a re-boot.

To learn more about how the program works, the investment, and see testimonials from past apprentices click the button below.

Team Opportunities

Considering working on a team or creating your own? Learn about the 4 main types.

There are many team structures in real estate sales. The video summarizes a discussion between Shane Parent, Associate Broker & Owner and John Carter, Broker & Owner of RE/MAX River City in Edmonton, AB. of the four main types.

  1. Partnerships
  2. “Master and Minion”
  3. Collaborative
  4. Single Agent with support staff

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