REALTOR® Mentorship Program

Fast track to success with a Top Producer

RE/MAX River City is proud to offer an exclusive mentorship program that caters to all agents.

The life long dedication to education in our industry is one of the pillars here at River City, and we believe the mentorship program is the ideal program for anyone looking to kick start their business, or who might be looking for a re-boot.

How it works:

You book an initial meeting with our mentor coordinator to help you decide what you would like to get out of the mentor program and complete your personality profile test.

We help schedule meet and greet meetings with a few mentors that are most likely to be the best fit for you.

We pair you with a seasoned agent who has extensive experience to help guide you.

It is a 6 month commitment that both the mentor and apprentice make to each other.

We work closely with the team and meet regularly for program and partnership feedback.

How much is the investment?

Total investment is $10,000. We structure the payments as a 50% split on gross commissions you earn on your first few deals until you’ve hit that cap. This way it’s consistent with how our industry operates on referrals fees and also helps you pay as you make money and have success.

Mentorship Leads To Success

The Associates we have graduated through the program have a stronger understanding of how to grow their business, how to maximize the best use of their time, and can close deals faster and with confidence. After 2 years mentees have shown to have an 80% success rate.

Reviews From Past Mentorship Program Graduates

“As I started my profession in real estate, I felt it was imperative that I start things off on the right foot, in the right brokerage. I spent the next month interviewing nearly 20 brokers and REALTORS to help me make the best decision. When it was all said and done, REMAX River City was the best fit for three reasons: the REMAX brand; everyone was so friendly and welcoming; and the Mentorship Program.
The REMAX brand. Everyone knows the brand and what it represents. Need I say more?
Like any community, the people at REMAX River City are what make it so great. From the moment you set foot in the place you’re welcomed by friendly, smiling and helpful staff. As I meet others in the office, I began to see a pattern. The River City team shared the same spirit. That thoughtful, caring energy was clearly present in the office leadership. This is likely why River City has the mentorship program and it was my tipping point to join the team.
The River City mentorship program was invaluable to me. It really felt like it was “all hands on deck” to assist me in getting things off the ground. I was able to act more confidently knowing that the extra support was available. Consequently, my first handful of sales happened more quickly and with less stress. Careers in real estate takes years to nurture, however, the mentorship program not only accelerated my developed but reinforced that at REMAX River City I’m not alone. I’m part of thoughtful, professional, kick-ass team.
Thank you John, Shane, Kim and everyone at REMAX River City for all your support and encouragement.”
Shawntelle Coan, REALTOR® since 2017

Meet some of our Mentors


Chris Hedstrom shares his experience as a Mentor. As a Tom Ferry certified coach as well as offering his experience to RE/MAX River City Agents new to the business. He also shares his thoughts on being a mentor, and why other experienced Associates might consider it.

Chris Hedstrom, REALTOR® since 2010


“I enjoy being a Mentor to New Agents. The Mentorship Program keeps me sharp. Spending time and talking to new agents ignites my passion for my profession. I learn new things from them as much as I am sharing knowledge with them. Being a Mentor gives me the opportunity to inspire others, it feels great to be part of someone’s progress. Sometimes, it is scary to enter a new career and as an Agent, we work alone most of the time but having a Mentor helps alleviate some of the fears of having a new career. The Mentorship Program has been a positive experience for me.”

Loida Lumanlan, REALTOR® since 2000

At our 2024 Annual Awards Event, Loida was honoured at our annual awards event for her outstanding mentorship abilities and leadership, which have positively impacted numerous successful agents within the industry. In recognition of her impactful contributions, we created a special award named after her, the Loida Lumanlan Mentorship Legacy Award, to commemorate her dedication and influence in shaping the next generation of professionals in our industry.

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