A Luxurious Real Estate Tale

We had the opportunity to chat with one of our REMAX Luxury Specialists, Jeffrey Scott, he shared his journey from a real estate newbie to a luxury specialist and how utilizing both REMAX and REMAX River City office training and tips helped him achieve great success.

Recently Jeffrey sold a beautiful luxury home in Edmonton, Alberta in 72 hours $150,000 over the list price and we needed to learn more. Was it a special home? Was it priced low? Was it the marketing? What did Jeffrey do to knock this out of the park?

Jeffrey is a full-time career REALTOR® now in his twelfth year of real estate. When you meet him you are immediately presented with a beaming smile and an energy that is completely calming and yet intriguing. Prior to becoming a REALTOR® Jeffrey’s early career years were spent as a pharmaceutical sales representative before he transitioned to becoming a candidate real estate appraiser from the University of British Columbia before transitioning to becoming a REALTOR®. As REALTORS® go Jeffrey is a complete professional, which one would expect with his work history and it’s not surprising how easily he was able to transition to real estate sales so smoothly. But like all new REALTORS® Jeffrey had to figure it out, learning from others, asking questions and developing systems and relationships that would serve him and his business for years to come.

Jeffrey wasn’t a luxury specialist from day one and he actually hadn’t thought much about it as a specialty until a seed was planted. For Jeffrey, it all began six years ago with a trip to Las Vegas, R4 to be exact. R4 is REMAX’s largest event of the year, the international worldwide conference, with over 6,000 attendees every year.  Bringing the highest level training, presenters and entertainment as well as some of the best REALTORS® in the industry to learn and grow from each other. R4 is where agents come to level up, learn from the best and simply decide to take their career to the next level. Jeffrey attended a Luxury presentation with Tom Ferry and two Laguna Beach Luxury REALTORS® – who ended up being on various HGTV Luxury Home Sales Shows – and was immediately sold on the idea of levelling up his real estate career and specializing in luxury homes. The moment the presentation was done Jeffrey hustled over to the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing – based out of Austin, TX –  booth to learn more about the Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist ( CLHMS™ ) designation. He signed up immediately to attend a week-long training two months later in Vancouver, British Columbia.

After finishing his training Jeffrey promoted his designation and had the great fortune to work with a few NHL Edmonton Oiler families over the next few years that were attracted to work with him because of the designation. Working with all types of clients and utilizing his network Jeffrey continued to grow and develop as a REALTOR® and at our office, exclusive yearly awards celebration, one of the keynote speakers, Ralph Ciancio, Broker of Record with RE/MAX Hallmark Ciancio Group in Ontario shared his approach on how to sell a home and farm new business in his personalized letter approach. Jeffrey remembers sitting back and thinking “This is impressive” he listened to Ralph share his methodology, his pitfalls and his tremendous success and he emailed Ralph immediately requesting his templates (Thank you again, Ralph, for generously sharing the templates with our agents). Just like that, the next morning the templates were in Jeffrey’s inbox and he went to work making them his own, adjusting the design and ultimately making a few slight changes, off he went and within six weeks of attending the presentation he had three properties listed using his new game plan. REMAX River City’s philosophy is to always leverage the power, knowledge and experience of our amazing REMAX network of professionals, to collaborate and share strategies working in other markets that can be applied locally in Edmonton’s market. This was just one example of how effective that can be, the power and quality of the REMAX network is unmatched.

Case Study – Teglar Green

The strategy that Jeffrey worked on with the sellers of this home is outlined below. The sellers were very excited about this approach.

  1. Sending out a coming soon mail out to neighbouring homes in the community, targeted 7 – 10 days before the coming soon listing online
  2. Coming soon listing on REMAX.ca (Jeffrey had three showings of the property before it went live on realtor.ca)
  3. The listing went live on MLS® on a Friday morning at 9 am
  4. The home was viewed over 20 times over the weekend.
  5. Negotiations – The client had 5 offers. As decided with the seller, Jeffrey presented them at 6:00 PM Monday evening and the successful Buyer was a clean offer that was cash and $150,000 over the list price, which is just over 10% over the asking price.
  6. Sold Mail out to neighbours
  7. Total spent on marketing the listing, including photos, video and mailout – Pre-Listing Staging / De-Cluttering Consult: $175; Pre-Listing Mailouts: $340; Photo’s and Video-Work: $520; Post-Listing Mailouts: $340. Approximately $1,375 Total not including typical MLS® listing fees, admin work, printouts, Instagram promotions (which had almost 17,000 people reached), etc.

This approach gave Jeffrey 3 solid selling leads and 2 buyer clients with the potential of just over $6.5 million in new business. He applied this same strategy to two other listings with great success.


Jeffrey is a perfect example of someone who wants to continuously learn and grow, he doesn’t coast or maintain the status quo. He could have left the celebration having had a few drinks and catch-ups with other great agents and went on as he always had. Instead, he sat back and absorbed the information, took what was provided and made it his own. Implemented it immediately and is now demonstrating to his clients and himself the power systems, strategy and learning from others has on the service he provides to his client and ultimately to the growth of his business.

If you would like to learn more about the education and support REMAX River City has to agent visit JoinRiverCity.ca. A huge thank you to Ralph Ciancio for sharing his wealth of knowledge with the #RiverCityFamily at our annual office awards; it’s called Celebrate and Elevate for a reason!