Virtual Staging For REALTORS®

We review the best companies for virtual staging for real estate agents and their clients, including a DIY option for those inclined.

What is virtual staging?

Where an original photo taken of the property is digitally edited. Most often used for vacant properties or to virtually touch up or improve, as it’s becoming more popular it’s used for renovations, item removal, day to dusk, or general retouching.

Top Uses:

  1. Vacant properties – to add furnishings.
  2. Touch up or improve photos – specifically shots with views out a window and those all popular twilight dusk shots
  3. To remove items from a photo – they can even digitally remove items from a photo to show it virtually staged in it’s place!
  4. Landscape or Seasonal updates – in that in between season, or want to showcase what a beautifully landscaped yard looks like in the summer?
  5. Renovations – for renderings of what a property or room might look like post renovations.

DISLAIMER – note that each Real Estate Board or Association and franchise/brokerage has different rules about photography and the accurate portrayal of properties in photos. You should always check with your appropriate policies and be sure to put a disclaimer in the listing or even on the photo description or photo itself that says “Virtually staged”

Best Virtual Staging Companies For Real Estate Agents

For those in Edmonton, AB Canada, at our brokerage we have in house Preferred Vendors we endorse. They’ve been referred by some of our top Agents and we do annual reviews of them. Both these companies also work in Calgary, Alberta.


$50 as an add on to existing photo taken when using their other services: like photography, video, Matterport 360 Tours, RMS measurements and more.

$25 to convert Daytime Exterior image to Dusk


$60 Virtual Staging – as an add on to existing photo taken when using their other services: like RMS measurements, 2D floorplans, Matterport 360 Tours, photography, video (including Drone) and more.

$80 – Virtual Landscaping

$500 – Exterior Renderings

Other Companies We Recommend From Around The Internet

Realist Creative

  • Canadian company
  • Virtual staging – $40/image
  • Virtual landscaping – $25/image
  • Virtual renovations – $60/image


Box Brownie

  • Australian based company
  • Virtual staging – $40/image
  • Virtual renovations – $30/image starting (average $80-110 and up to $220)
  • 360 degree virtual staging – $80
  • Day to Dusk – $5
  • Image Enhancement – $5
  • Plus other retouching options


DIY Option: Visual Stager

VisualStager is do-it-yourself virtual staging software created to give real estate agents the power to quickly add furnishings to a property. Starting at $15 per image with a bulk discount available, VisualStager allows agents to drag-and-drop furniture, rugs, and pictures into place to self-stage a room. VisualStager is perfect for real estate agents who want quick staging for a property and do not need superior realism for their sales efforts.



Find the best company that fits you and your business budget.


  • per virtual staged image

Urban Measure

  • per virtual staged image

Realist Creative

  • per virtual staged image

Box Brownie

  • per virtual staged image

Visual Stager

  • for credits for 1 photo

And The Winner Is…

It’s our opinion, that if you’re a busy REALTOR® and want other services too, like RMS Measurements, floorplans, photos taken for you by a professional, and video, then hire the pros. Zoon and Urban Measure are both excellent.

If you already own a good qualify DLSR camera and prefer taking the photos yourself or have photos from a photographer already:

If you’re a DIY photographer and the listing only calls for some virtual staging or touchups, then we suggest Realist Creative.

If you want to go full DIY for the lowest cost, then take your own photos and also do your own Virtual Staging with Visual Stager.


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