CREA has partnered with Lone Wolf Technologies to launch a new version of WEBForms®, which will be powered by TransactionDesk®. The solution will be rebranded as CREA WEBForms® and will be integrated with board / association MLS® Systems. It will maintain its current connections to the 3rd party applications, continuing to provide choice to members.

It is available to all members of the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) and provides access to a library of up-to-date real estate forms, contracts, and clauses, made available by the Canadian Real Estate Association, Provincial Associations, and local Boards and Associations.

In addition, WEBForms® is integrated with third party Esignature and Transaction Management platforms. Members using those tools can link their accounts to send forms to be digitally signed directly from WEBForms®. WEBForms® is still integrated with board / association MLS® systems to pre-fill forms with MLS® System information.

IMPORTANT REMINDER – The Legacy Version of Webforms will be inactive as of January 2, 2020. Any Transaction Kits that you wish to retain from the old system you need to MANUALLY move them over.

Help Article on that topic can be found here

What’s New in CREA WEBForms®

Transaction Wizard

The Transaction Wizard is a five-step process in CREA WEBForms® by which a signing is created and sent to participants for completion.  Users adjust the signing settings, choose participants, choose documents and forms, set up their documents and forms, and then send the signing to all participants.

  • Transaction Kits are now referred to as Transactions
  • Template Kits are now referred to as Transaction Templates.
  • Your Home Page is now called the Member Dashboard and indicated with a Dashboard icon 
  • Your Transactions page is indicated with a House icon 
  • The previous version of WEBForms® is now referred to as CREA WEBForms® Legacy.
  • Success, Error, and Information messages will briefly display in the top right corner of the screen, lasting for a few seconds only.
  • Once forms have been filled out and sent back to you, they go to the Documents folder.

CREA WEBForms® is being rolled out across the country, with the first release in March 2019. It offers the following features:

CREA WEBForms® custom version of the Instanet TransactionDesk® Agent Edition

  • Availability of all existing forms, clauses, and templates
  • DocBox (Document Management) Instanet TransactionDesk® Agent Edition
  • Client Management Dashboard
  • Team Sharing

3rd Party Application Integrations

  • Integrations with Authentisign, Docusign®, NexOne, E-z-max, Velocity and SecureShare will continue to be part of the application (see further down on this blog for details of how to setup)
  • Integrations with other e-Signature platforms will be coming
  • CREA WEBForms® will continue to be available through the single-sign-on functionality of the National Authentication Facility (NAF)

MLS® System Integrations

  • All the existing integrations with board / association MLS® Systems will continue to provide data for auto-population

CREA will continue to direct ongoing CREA WEBForms® product development.

Brokerage Office Created Templates

See this video on how to easily use the new WEBForms and for all of the templates we have created for our brokerage for each type of file. If used the right way, this will save you tonnes of time and make your life super easy to manage your client files digitally.

Want to see in a larger view? Simply click the title of the video to open the video directly on youtube.

Plus review of the new CREA WEBForms by Broker, John Carter of RE/MAX River City in Edmonton, AB. Canada.

Here are the main training videos from CREA

The first is the full webinar recording that shows all features and how to use the system effecitvely.

Click here to open the full list 

Creating a Transaction Using a Template

Creating a Transaction with the Wizard

Creating a Simple Transaction and Adding a Form

Importing MLS® Data Into an Existing Transaction

How to Link DocuSign or Authentisign to WEBForms

CREA webforms has an integration with DocuSign, Authentisign and otheres that CREA doesn’t directly support, but here is some information about the way it looks.
CREA WebForms has updated their interface where a customer will have to connect to a DocuSign Account.

3 Simple Steps to connect CREA WEBforms to DocuSign:

  1. Login to CREA WEBforms (this should use your local board login details),
  2. Click App Store (marked 1st in image), note it may be located on the left navigation list.
  3. Click the green button named Link (marked as 2nd in image) under the DocuSign option presented under the eSignature tab.


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